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Zaclon Curtain Accessory has stepped into the world of interior designing and window furnishing business by solidly making an entry in the international marketing with its range of quality products comprising of Curtain Accessories and wide range of Curtain Eyelet,Curtain Tapes & Curtain Rods and Ringss in particular.Zaclon India Ltd is a group having its origin in India and with manifold representation in USA & South Africa.

We provide different types of curtain accessory and also specialize in curtain import of specialized curtain eyelets and curtain rods from many parts of the world including Europe, UK and USA. We are well known for our well crafted curtain accessory which makes us a brand name as a manufacturer Delhi. Curtain-accessory connects up with various suppliers for curtain import from outside India as well as manufacturer Delhi.

Designers serves well to the real needy and willing buyers with their excellent products to facilitate one stop shopping on the internet to supply high quality, inexpensive and imaginative curtain accessories, tapes and fittings for curtains.

But what makes one think that we know what we are doing? Well, has been in this business as a manufacturer and trader for over 10 years.
Curtain Eyelets :

We manufacture a wide range of Curtain eyelets, we are specialized in plastic eyelets, colored plastic eyelets, Sheet Eyelets, Sail Eyelets, Grommet eyelets, Combination Eyelets, Fashion Eyelets, Universal Eyelets, Stationery Eyelets.
Curtain Rods : offers all range of curtains rods from the basic and decorative traverse rods, one-way rods and cafe poles, baton draw curtain rods to the finest wood and metal curtain rods available on the market.
Curtain Tapes :

Curtain tape is used to create decorative headings for curtains. We design and used a lot types of the curtains tapes, we have tapes for creating simple pencil pleats to triple pleats to more elaborate smocked and goblet pleats.


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